Mark Christopher

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Mark Christopher is the acclaimed director of the still popular 54 (aka Studio 54) and his acclaimed director's cut. Mark works internationally, namely in the United States, Brazil, and Europe.

54: The Director's Cut

The original 54 began principle photography in 1997 with Miramax serving as the studio. Despite a very positive initial reaction from the studio and industry insiders, Harvey Weinstein demanded extensive cuts and reshoots — 40 minutes were cut from the 100 minute film, most of them centering around the lead character’s bisexuality, and 33 minutes of new “straight" material was shot. After many years and attempts, Mark was finally able to remaster the film thanks to the support of a new regime at Miramax headed by Zanne Devine.

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"Firstly, I was thrilled to get my vision of this film out into the world - its premiere at the Berlinale in 2015 was a profound moment for me. The release of the director's cut proved that the film I originally made worked well and that Harvey had severely damaged it. So the word was out - see the NY Magazine Culture Vulture article where Ryan speaks freely. The film was intended to play one festival, but its reception lead to a fabulous run at fests around the world, became a top pick on iTunes, had a theatrical run in Europe and was released on Blu-Ray/DVD by Lionsgate." - Mark Christopher

For more of the story, read Mark's interview with the Huffington Post here. More about 54 below.
Press play below to check out Mark Christopher's appearance on KCRW's The Treatment with Elvis Mitchel where they discuss 54, its revival, and its now cult status.

Alkali, Iowa

Ten years before Brokeback Mountain there was another rural gay movie that captured the imagination of audiences. I hope you'll find this elliptical tale rich in themes of repression, legacy, paternity, independence and the American male. Winner of seven major awards, including best short at the Berlin International Film Festival/Panorama.

Distributor: Strand Releasing

Dead Boys Club

My first year film at Columbia University. A movie shot on celluloid and cut on a flatbed in Brooklyn. For all its technical and creative flaws, this is one of my favorite pieces of work. I think it has a bit of magic. In 1992, it struck a nerve with audiences around the world. Lots of emotion and ovations. "The Dead Boys Club" was inspired by the ghosts of all those boys we lost in New York who I never knew, including John Reed and Ricky Wilson from the B-52s ("The Dead Beat Club").

Distributor: Frameline


This little film has five million hits on YouTube - thanks to a couple pirates who owe me some doubloons! On the surface it is the simple tale of a big city college boy who heads back to the farm, ostensibly to help out his family, but gets stuck there by responsibility and love. I loved the process of making this film - building it from the inside out in terms of shooting and production. A follow-up to "Alkali, Iowa" in a very loose way.

Distributor: Strand Releasing

Pizza (2005)

Pizza (IFC/InDigEnt), 2005, winner of the Independent Spirit Award for Production, was the indie world's first anti-romantic comedy, and one of the first digital feature films. Pizza tells the story of 18-year-old Cara-Ethyl and her 30 year-old pizza boy (Ethan Embry).
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Real Life: The Musical

Haven't you ever wanted life to be a musical? Haven't you ever wanted to break into song when words are not enough? Check out Mark's sizzle real for Real Life: The Musical, which launched the series he created and executive produced for the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Projects In Development

Mark has several projects in development - in film, television, and new media:

MID-CENTURY MODERNS: Don't you just love life in 1966? A brand new juke box musical by Mark, to be staged again soon in a fabulous venue near you!

SARA, a Czech/German co-production slated to shoot in Berlin, is a psychological thriller that tells the story of an American woman whose baby dies soon after her arrival in Europe... or did it? A deep dive into a deadly underworld of human trafficking where nothing is as it seems.

CLEOPATRA VII, a sexy, cutting edge look inside the cut-throat family life of one of the world's first divas.

BERLIN, an intricately woven thriller set in the Nazi capitol at the height of its power. In 1941, an unbelievable subculture somehow managed to survive inside the belly of the beast. Based on a true story.

WHITE, an edge of the seat drama that pulls you dead center into the world of white supremacy, USA, with a hint of hope lurking beneath the destruction.

THE THREE, a riveting TV drama that thrusts you into the minds of a charismatic, deadly character with dissociative identity disorder.

UNTITLED MUSICAL PROJECT, a neighborhood street musical combining the Afro-jazz, hiphop, street performing world of the LA Latinex culture.

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